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Types and Symptoms of a Delayed Injury After a Car Accident

When someone has been in a car accident, it is unfortunate that all possible injuries are not always immediately apparent. If they were, many people would instantly seek help for their neck or back injury, and save themselves a lot of trouble later down the road.

As it is, some of the painful effects of even a less severe crash can stay under the radar for days, sometimes weeks or longer. That is why the pain relief team at Mesquite Chiropractic & Injury always recommends getting a physical exam as soon as possible following a car accident. The longer a car accident injury goes untreated, the harder it may be harder to prove your injuries legally as well as causing complications that could interfere with your health and mobility.


Whiplash Mesquite TxWhiplash is when the head and neck are jolted forwards suddenly, as with an impact from a collision. Whiplash is usually noticed approximately 12 hours after the accident, but can sometimes take up to 5 days to become apparent.

Symptoms of whiplash can include:

  • blurry vision
  • upper back pain
  • neck/shoulder pain
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • ringing in the ears

While whiplash sometimes goes away on its own after about a month, there are treatments that can help ease the pain naturally and immediately.


When one suffers a hard hit to the head, the brain can sometimes get injured by being hit against the skull, resulting in a concussion.

You may be able to tell that you’ve had a concussion by experiencing headaches, irritation or mood swings, loss of balance, sensitivity to sound or light, or disorientation after a car accident.

Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissue describes all of the supporting elements within the body, such as muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, fat, and blood vessels. Soft tissue damage can appear in the way of bruises, sprains, strains, torn ligaments or muscles, stiffness, inflammation, and general pain.

Back Injury

A very common car accident injury is back injury. These are seen especially when one has been rear-ended or hit from the side. Often these injuries are not noticed immediately due adrenaline and shock that kick in during or after a collision.

Symptoms of a delayed back injury can include:

  • pain throughout the back, shoulders or neck
  • limited range of motion
  • bruising
  • numbness
  • loss of use or control of any part of your body

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