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Regenerative Cellular Tissue aka Stem Cells

If you are suffering from chronic pain and are looking for an alternative solution to invasive surgeries or masking symptoms with drugs, you may find yourself considering treatment using regenerative cellular tissue or stem cells. Our doctors focus on using regenerative medicine and are leading in the field by using the latest revolutions in cellular science.

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Regenerative medicine is a highly effective and natural alternative for treating a variety of conditions, including:

What are Stem Cells Mesquite

  • Back, back, and joint pain
  • Sciatica
  • Damaged or degraded cartilage
  • Torn ligaments
  • Knee, shoulder, and hip pain
  • Bone tissues
  • Disc problems
  • Neuropathy
  • And much more

What are Stem Cells?

Our bodies contain trillions of cells, and different cells are responsible for different functions. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells. This means that they are unspecified cells and can reproduce and renew themselves through cell division. This gives them the ability to transform or become whatever type of cell the body needs it to be, such as brain cells, heart muscle cells, or blood cells. Stem cells can produce new cell types, promoting faster growth and healing from injury, disease, and degeneration.

Types of Stem Cells

There are many different types of stem cells used in regenerative medicine treatments. Let’s take a look at the different stem cells and why our doctors choose the most effective stem cell treatments for our patients.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells: We concentrate on using mesenchymal cell treatment in our regenerative therapy. Mesenchymal cells come from Wharton's jelly found in the umbilical cord. This process is completely safe without causing any risk or discomfort to the baby or the mother. The collection of these cells is in strict compliance with FDA and AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks). Using mesenchymal cells is our doctor's preferred form of regenerative medicine because it is less invasive, and these cells are young and healthy, making them extremely effective.

Types of Stem Cells GarlandBone Marrow Stem Cells: This is a process where a hole is drilled into the femur or hip. Not only is this an invasive procedure, but it is also quite painful. Our doctors do not use this form of stem cell. In addition to the invasive and painful process, the stem cells themselves may not be as effective as they are as old as the patient, diminishing their efficiency.

Adipose Tissue Stem Cells: These stem cells are extracted from the patient's own fat cells. We do not use these cells for multiple reasons. Toxins may be stored in the body's fat cells, and those toxins may cause an adverse reaction on the stem cells and decrease the results.

Amniotic Fluid: Amniotic fluid is more commonly known for its aide in growth. They contain amino acids, cytokines, and other immune-related substances. This may be recommended as part of your treatment.

Cell Regeneration

The treatments offered at our clinic are extremely effective. By using young and healthy cells, the body immediately accepts the cells once injected into the affected area and boosts the body's natural ability to restore, renew, and regenerate tissue.

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