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Welcome to Mesquite Chiropractic & Injury! We are a family-run business and a beacon for health and wellness since our original opening in 1958!

Dr. Timothy Lehmann specializes in leading people to happier and healthier lives free from drugs and surgery. He began his Chiropractic journey at Parker College of Chiropractic and received his degree in 1998. Immediately after receiving his degree, he trained with the late Dr. Frank Dorsey.

As a clinic, we are committed to the integrity of our patients - the industry at-large. As a clinic, we are a proud standards-based practice. In short, this means we are providing objectified care,

Above all, we are dedicated to bringing quality medical service and affordability to all we work with!

Real. Texas. Chiropractic.

2018 San Diego Spine Institute Certification

There's no reason to live in pain. Call us to schedule an appointment and get back on the road to a better you!