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Finding Relief for Neck Pain at Home

Many people search for natural solutions to neck pain to avoid constantly taking painkillers or over-the-counter medications. Unfortunately, while medications can act as a temporary fix, neck pain is still present. In addition, once the drugs have worn off, the neck pain is sure to surface again and likely to worsen.

At Mesquite Chiropractic, we aim to find the underlying cause of your pain and treat it using a gentle, non-invasive approach. This includes a combination of physical rehabilitation and regenerative medicine.

One thing a person suffering from neck pain can do at home to help their recovery process is to do mild stretching and exercises. Our skilled team will provide you with the proper movements and stretches to address your specific issues. We will teach you how to do these properly to avoid further damage or injury.

Stretching Exercises for Neck Pain Relief

You can do many combinations of very effective stretches at home to relieve your neck pain. These simple stretches can help strengthen the muscles that pull your head back into alignment over the shoulders.

Here are a few safe and easy stretches you can implement into your daily routine:

  • Basic neck stretch:
    -In an upright seated or standing position
    -With head looking straight forward
    -Bend your head slightly to the right
    -Using the right hand, gently pull your head to meet your right shoulder
    -You should feel a nice easy stretch in the back left side of your neck
    -Hold for 30 seconds or as tolerated
    -Repeat on the opposite side.
  • Chin tuck:
    -In an upright seated or standing position looking straight forward
    -Pull your head straight back so your chin is still down, and you can feel a good stretch at the top of your neck and the base of your head.
    -Hold for 5 seconds or as tolerated.
    -Bring head back to the original position.
    -Repeat 10 times or as tolerated.
  • Neck flexion:
    -In an upright seated or standing position looking straight forward
    -Only moving your head gradually, lower your chin towards your chest and look downward
    -Flex forward as far as it is comfortable and hold for 5 seconds
    -Return to the original position
    -Slowly lower your head backward, so your chin is pointed upward and the back of your head is touching your shoulders
    -Hold for 5 seconds and return to the original position
    -Repeat 5 times or as tolerated

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