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Exercises for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder injuries are quite common in sports, but you don’t have to be an athlete to develop a tear or muscle strain that can cause tremendous shoulder pain. The good news is that medicine and surgery are not always necessary when you develop one of these issues.

After the injury, you may have tried resting, ice, compression and elevation, but you may still feel the bone pushing into the muscle or the effects of the small tear from the repetitive overhead motion that likely caused the injury. There are simple exercises that can both stretch and strengthen the muscles that make up the shoulder and provide you with relief.

Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain

  • Neck stretch and release– Believe it or not, beginning by stretching your neck can provide relief from most types of neck pain. Lower your chin to your chest until you feel it tighten, then lean your head towards your left shoulder and hold for a count of ten. Release the neck tension to bring it back into proper position, then repeat on the other side.
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  • Doorway stretch– To stretch out both shoulders simultaneously and warm up your muscles, simply find a doorway and open the door, Place each hand on a side of the open doorway and move your body forward until your arms are straight and your body is completely through the doorway.
  • Pendulum and shoulder circles– Place one hand on the back of a chair or table and let the other arm hang down. Begin by simply swinging the arm like a pendulum on a clock for a count of ten. Once completed, extend the arm fully and pretend to draw circles with it fully extended, out to about a 20 degree angle, for ten repetitions. Then switch arms and repeat.
  • Seated stretches– You can also stretch while you are seated, since frozen shoulder can be exacerbated by lack of motion and you can do the stretch while working. Extend your left arm and bring it horizontally across your chest. Take your right arm and bring it vertically perpendicular to the other arm by bending your elbow and hug your left arm to your body. You should feel the stretch, and hold it for a count of fifteen. Drop the arms and reverse the stretch, repeating with the opposite arms.
  • Child pose– The most common yoga pose can stretch and exercise the muscle groups not just in the shoulders but the back and neck as well. Lower yourself to the floor, essentially sitting on the backs of your calves. Lean your body forward with both arms extended keeping your spine and head aligned with your arms until your palms reach the floor, and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat five times.
  • Lawnmower pull– Using an elastic band, secure it on your left foot and take the other end in your right hand. Create enough tension that the band is semi-taut with your arm fully extended. Now twist and pull until you are standing up straight with the band completely taut.
  • Reverse fly– Take an exercise band and hold either end in your hands, extending them out in front of your body forward and slightly below your shoulders.

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