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Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol (AARP)

Non-Surgical Knee Pain Relief Protocol

Mesquite Chiropractic of Mesquite, TX is proud to offer patients suffering from osteoarthritis and bone-on-bone our Proven and Patented Non-Surgical Knee Pain Protocol! This is a state-of-the-art knee pain relief protocol for patients suffering from osteoarthritis, as well as severe osteoarthritis that results in bone-on-bone. Offering documented success rates above 90%, this is a Medicare and insurance-covered pain relief protocol that knee pain suffers can rely on for relief.

What does this protocol entail?

This is a state-of-the-art protocol that leverages several Medicare and insurance-covered treatments into one, allowing patients to achieve tremendous amounts of relief when compared to other non-surgical treatment methods that involve prescription drugs and long recovery times. This protocol requires NO recovery time, and our veteran team of interventional pain specialists has provided hundreds of patients with this incredible new treatment protocol.

Typically, knee pain that is not severe, but that occurs as a result of strenuous activity, can be treated at home. Knee pain that is the result of a minor injury will require observation for a few days following the injury to evaluate whether self-care measures will be necessary and helpful. There are a number of self-care remedies, which include:

  • Avoiding strenuous or painful activities;
  • Icing the injury for periods of fifteen to twenty minutes several times a day;
  • Making use of compression bandages to control and manage swelling;
  • Elevating the injury;
  • Taking NSAIDs or other over the counter pain relief medications.

However, clinical knee pain and osteoarthritis is a serious condition that millions of Americans currently struggle with daily, and requires more comprehensive treatment plans to achieve the best possible results. While some specialists may tell you that the only true “cure” for osteoarthritis is a total knee replacement, or TKR, know that this is not the case! If your symptoms include significant swelling; redness; tenderness and warmth surrounding the joint; significant pain; and fever, these are all signs of osteoarthritis that should be addressed by a specialist immediately. Another tell-tale sign of clinical knee pain is frequent, severe, pain in the knees and joints.

Seek out immediate medical care if you experience the following: your knee appears deformed; if you heard a popping noise at the time your knee was injured; an inability to bear weight; intense pain; or sudden intense swelling of the joint. 

Who is a candidate for your Proven and Patented Non-Surgical Knee Pain Protocol?

Anyone who is currently suffering from osteoarthritis or bone-on-bone is a candidate for this treatment protocol; exceptions include anyone who has undergone a total knee replacement, or patients whose knee joint material is severely decayed to the point where it cannot be treated. However, in the majority of cases, our veteran team is able to treat most osteoarthritis and bone-on-bone cases successfully.

As with any pain management treatment, there is no one size fits all solution to treating knee pain. The cause of your pain will be taken into consideration in the diagnosis and treatment. However, there are several commonly prescribed or used treatments.

Your doctor may prescribe medications to help manage your pain and other symptoms, or an underlying condition if there is one. In addition, therapy is usually recommended to help strengthen the surrounding muscles to help make your knee more stable. In some cases, surgery or injections may be a suggested treatment option, depending on your diagnosis – these may include injections of corticosteroids, hyaluronic acid, or platelet-rich plasma; and surgical treatments may include arthroscopic, partial knee replacement, or total knee replacement surgery.

How do I know how serious my knee pain is?

While knee pain is a fairly common symptom, typically brought on by a minor injury which can be treated with at-home treatments, there are more serious types of knee pain which require immediate and/or swift medical intervention to resolve or mediate.

If you experience any of the following, contact your doctor for an immediate appointment: if your knee is unstable or cannot bear your weight; if there is marked swelling of the area; if you are unable to fully flex or extend your knee; if there is an obvious deformity; if, in addition to redness, swelling and pain in your knee, you experience a fever; and if you have severe pain associated with a knee injury. If your pain is interfering with your usual routine and sleep schedule, you should contact your doctor for a consultation.

For those seeking treatment for chronic or acute knee pain brought on by an injury, then contact us here at Mesquite Chiropractic & Injury Regenerative Medicine of Texas. Our top doctor specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of knee pain and can help you develop a treatment plan and goal that is right for you. Contact us online or by phone to schedule an appointment now! 

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“Thanks for the opportunity to share some insight on my first visit to Mesquite Chiropractic. As I entered the the facility Stefanie met me with a smile. I had visited with her on the phone several times. She made me feel right at home and assisted me with the check in. When someone enters any office they never forget the first person they see. Stefanie certainly fits the bill; she was wonderful!”

“Next I met Kori Anthony. I really hit the jackpot! Professional, passionate, and very caring. She took xrays and explained everything to me in detail. Most of all she made me feel at ease. When I asked her if she could fix my old football knee she quickly reponded YES. Very confident!!! Dr.Cobb assisted her with my back xrays. I was also impressed by him.”

“Finally I left the office feeling really good about the entire process. I got outside and the car next to me was so close to my Jeep I returned and asked for help. Immediately Stefanie and Jasmine came outside to assist me. Fortunately, the lady in the car came out drove off. I loaded my walker and got in my Jeep. You just don't forget people who treat you with care and assistance.”

“I am returning tomorrow and Thursday to start the process with confidence. My wife is expecting me to two step after the five shots! Feel free to share my comments with anyone. You are a super team!”

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