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Auto Accidents

Personal Injury & Auto Accidents

Unfortunately, auto accidents happen to all of us. Many people are rightfully confused and intimidated by the auto-injury process following an accident. You are probably asking yourself these series of questions: do I actually need chiropractic care? Will I need an attorney? What can I expect from chiropractic care and healing my injury?

We understand all of these questions and we are here to gracefully guide you through the process of healing. In fact, we specialize in personal injury and auto accidents.

Our job is to strip away your fear and help you clear up the road to healing!

Do I need a chiropractor?

Dr. Lehmann started treating patients for personal injury cases in 1998, and we can assure you that the first thing you need to do after an auto accident is come in for an examination. Whiplash is generally seen as a minor accident, but this can have lasting negative effects on your health. Sometimes patients have undetected ligament damage affecting them many years later. By visiting a chiropractor, we can take proper care of the damage before it worsens.

Since our goal is regaining your health, we will take x-rays and make recommendations to other doctors if need be.

The longer you wait, the more your injury will worsen and you could inadvertently hurt your case.


Do I need an attorney?

This is one of the biggest concerns for all patients affected by an auto-injury. The answer is: it is UP TO YOU.

We are able to treat your cases without an attorney. However, if you are not comfortable with this, we are happy to make a recommendation for you. As a clinic, we only work alongside standards-based attorneys who will safely handle your case.


No cost evaluation of your case

Yes, we do complimentary evaluations at Mesquite Chiropractic! If you were in a wreck and are hurting, do not hesitate to call in and learn more!

We are here to help

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Free Help for Auto Accidents

If you've been in an auto accident, you know how confusing it can be to determine which steps to take first. We've worked with other top professionals in the industry to develop a comprehensive, FREE guide to dealing with auto accidents.